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Aside from the exceptional customer service from Guhnee and the rest of the Populum crew, the 1000mg Hemp Oil has done wonders for my husbands arthritis. Before this product he could barely walk due to age relatd arthritis & bad knees. After only 2 weeks he suddenly noticd he was getting out of bed in the morning without painful discomfort and while the improvement is subte, once it happens the improvement is significant. I would never buy any CBD or Hemp oil from anyone else. Its light and the flavor is yummy...does not give you indigestion like the other hemp oils. We just signd up for auto delivery! POPULUM HEMP IS THE BEST ON THE MARKET!! AND THE FOLKS WHO WORK THERE ARE ALWAYS THERE TO HELP YOU!! Love this product and this company!!!!!

Love this oil!

I really love this product and don't normally do reviews online but I have already shared this with so many of my friends. The taste is orange and great compared to other oils. I use it twice daily or as needed to help with anxiety but the best benefit is that it helps me focus. The price is worth it and you know it is quality compared to other less transparent brands.

My wife and I absolutely love this product

We both started using hemp oil about 6 months ago. The orange flavor tincture (250 mg) is by far the best on the market.

We both find it calming and reduces our stress levels. When taken shortly before bed, it helps us get more restful sleep. It's also great for reducing minor pain in my knees and arthritis in wife's shoulders.

The monthly subscription option is a great plus since we use about one bottle per month.

Overall, we highly recommend the company and products!

Good stuff

I’ve been taking CBD oil for 2 months now. The CBD oil from Populum is the good stuff! It tastes good and it dissolves under my tongue quickly and totally. I choose to get my CBD oil from Populum because the bottle is bigger and it’s in the concentration that I want. The only negative I have is that they ship USPS. In my experience it takes an extra 2 days to arrive. I wish they shipped UPS or Fed Ex. Other than that, get the good stuff from Populum! Your aches and pains will thank you for it!

Positive results for migraines

I have been taking Populum for just one month for migraines, only when one is starting, and have noticed very positive results. I was initially skeptical, but the Populum appears to get rid of the migraine, or lowers the pain so I respond to more quickly to my regular medication.


Populum Premium Hemp Oil

Excellent product and outstanding customer service.

My wife and I have been using Populum 500 mg hemp oil for several months. We both have arthritis and the aches & pains associated with aging. We did a lot of research on the benefits of using hemp oil containing CBD. During the process I found Populum's site. Their site was easy to use and all of the information about their products was available. In addition their customer service was friendly and quick at responding to all questions I had. Our order was filled and promptly shipped. After a little over a week we both felt a gradual reduction of pain. My wife also had better mobility in her hands. For both of us the biggest selling point was pain management and we have reached that goal already, I still have bad days but they are far more manageable than they were in the past. We both plan on continued use of this product from now on.

Making Life Easier

I have Fibromyalgia and my body is riddled with arthritis. I do believe this product is helping with my chronic widespread joint pain! Adding Populum CBD Hemp Oil is the only thing I've changed in my daily regime.
I find kneeling down and getting up much easier. Getting in and out of cars is much easier. Getting up from sitting in the recliner is much easier. I can kneel on the floor and play with my dog now. Just plain everyday movement is less painful!
The only thing I can attribute all of this to is my addition of Populum CBD Hemp Oil. It's the only thing that I'm doing differently.
Plus this is my second little blue bottle and the empty one fits right in with my little collection of antique blue medicinal bottles!
When the topic of physical pain comes up, I tell everyone about Populum CBD Oil.
I definitely recommend this product!
Thank you for making my life easier and much less painful!
Amy Dancer

Feeling great again!

I started using the standard hemp oil a few months ago and have been getting very positive results. It’s not something you notice immediately, but rather over the course of time. Give it a reasonable chance (2-3 months). You may just be surprised how well you feel.

Low, mid level oil.

After having MANY issues buying the first bottle, they sent a paypal invoice. Problem SOLVED!! It (low level) worked ok. Wanted to try the mid level, it works great for my son (anxiety/ o.d.d.). Will be ordering again in a week or so. Would definitely recommend, it's u.s. grown and processed, however the transaction goes thru a foreign bank (hence the headache from my bank) R. Shore, N.Y.

Great product with noticeable results

I noticed a difference after only a few days. I slept better and felt calmer. A major help with occasional anxiety and stress. Our 10 year old Fox Terrier began having severe seizures and after only a few days of starting him on the 500mg oil, the seizures were much more mild and shorter. It was very obvious the oil was helping. He is now on zonisamide and about 8 drops twice daily of the oil and has NO more seizures. If we can keep him seizure free he won’t have to use phenobarbital which is very harmful to organs. A great product - we are monthly subscribers and very happy with our results.

It helps!

This takes the edge off chronic pain and really helps me sleep—even though I take it in the morning. It’s clear just how much it does whenever I skip a dose or two.

Canine Epilepsy and Populum Premium Hemp Oil

On December 23, 2016, my otherwise healthy Giant Schnauzer, Kozmo, had his first seizure at 3 years of age; and on January 9, 2017, after a thorough physical examination and extensive blood work, he was diagnosed with Generalized (Grand Mal), Idiopathic epilepsy. At this point, his veterinarian recommended monitoring his seizure behavior, charting date, time of day, frequency, duration, and intensity of pre-ictal, ictal and post-ictal behavior, and circumstances, and if seizures worsened, medication (phenobarbital) would be prescribed. He had 3 subsequent seizure episodes each of which were worse than this first.

I had done considerable research regarding various treatment protocols and was not happy given the side effects and poor efficacy of prescription pharmaceuticals. In late February of 2017, I decided to try CBD hemp oil and chose to purchase from Populum after reading a review of the company in Max Burton's book, "CBD Hemp Oil: The Essential Guide to Cannabidiol" and visiting the Populum website. I was impressed with the information provided on the site, that the hemp is grown in Colorado, a lab report is provided, three concentration levels are available, etc.

On March 2, 2017, I began giving Kozmo 1 drop twice a day in his food. I saw no improvement in his seizure activity and in fact, they worsened in that he began having cluster seizures. Over the course of several weeks, I slowly upped his dosage. At three drops, twice a day, I began to observe improvement in seizure duration and intensity and the cluster seizures ceased; however, he was still having seizures, on average, every 22 days. I increased his dosage level to 4 drops, twice a day and that is when I saw dramatic improvement. It has now been two months that he has been seizure-free and I am ecstatic! Please note that NOTHING changed in terms of his environment, food, treats, etc. The only difference was the administration of Populum's hemp oil (500mg).

I cannot assert this will work w...

'...ork with every dog with epilepsy but it is working for my dog. In my opinion, it is worth trying before putting a dog on phenobarbital (or other such drugs) which has the potential to adversely impact liver, neurological, kidney, etc., function and over the long-term possibly fatal side effects. Document, document, document and of course if this doesn't work consult your vet as untreated seizures can result in brain damage and/or death. Populum is a company I have come to trust both in the quality of their product and their customer service. It's not inexpensive but my boy is worth it!'
Amazing product, customer service, and company!

So much to be said about populum's product (Signature 500), and customer service.

First, the product is phenomenal! I've been having a hard time sleeping for the past few months, and spent a good amount of time researching things that can help. I tried a bunch of things, but nothing was really working for me.

While researching I came across hemp oil, and how it can help battle sleeplessness. I dug more into hemp oil to learn about its benefits, and started looking for a brand I could try that looked trust worthy (to avoid getting ripped off). I wanted to purchase from a company that did its research, was backed by science, and was ok with returns if I wasn't satisfied.

After digging further, I came across Populum. So many things about it stood out (30 risk free trial, made in the USA, 3rd party lab test with every order, e.t.c). What took me over the edge was their customer service. I was able to chat with one of their customer service people for about 30 mins, they were REALLY patient with all the questions I had, and answered it very thoroughly. After that chat, I was confident that Populum was the right company to order from. A bonus was they offered FREE SHIPPING with my order!

I've ordered a second bottle since my first one, and can honestly say THIS COMPANY ROCKS! Its product tastes great, and i've been having a great time sleeping. They've gone above and beyond every time I reached out, and just love what they stand for.

I'd HIGHLY RECOMMEND any and everyone give populum's products a try, you will not be disappointed.

Love the flavor & customer support

This is one of the best flavored hemp oils I've tried. Plus the support I've gotten from this team has been amazing.

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