Our Process

A Thorough Process from the Farm to Your Door

Quality is our top priority. From the farm to its final formulation, we adhere to the tightest controls to ensure that each bottle maintain its purity and consistency.


Step 1

Grown in USA

Grown on US Farms

We focus on bringing you the highest quality hemp extract available on the market by working with local US farmers.

Step 2

Customer Formulated Hemp Oil

Diligently Formulated

Our proprietary technology isolates & removes any unwanted compounds, while creating the maximum potency level of other cannabinoids.

Step 3

Populum bottled and packaged

Bottled and Packaged

All products are formulated in GMP* certified facility. Solutions tested and bottled with care.

Step 4

Delivered directly to you

We ship and deliver only the latest batch to you. We make sure that every package that shipped out is handled with care.


Thoroughly Tested For Absolute Purity and Potency

Populum Hemp Oil Potency


Our full-spectrum oil guarantees premium whole-plant phytocannabinoids.

Populum Hemp Oil Is Not Psychoactive


We ensure our products contain no psychoactive properties by rigorously testing every batch.

Populum Hemp Oil Has Terpenes


High level of terpenes increase receptor and neurotransmitter activities.

Populum Hemp Oil Tests For Toxicity


We test to make sure there’s no residual solvents, metals, mercury, pesticides, and mycotoxins.

*We ship a copy of the latest lab report with each order

Grown & Made in The USA

Our entire process focuses on working with US farmers, US Manufacturing Practices, and US standards. We believe in creating quality product that are USA made.